Devan Moonsamy

Lockdown regulations have gradually been lifted, allowing for more people to head to work. The recent sector to be allowed back have been the salon staff. In a line of work, where socializing forms part of grooming social distancing might seem difficult. 

With the new regulations there has been a lot of relief as more and more people have been allowed to head back to work. Sadly, we have also seen a large number of people facing the chopping block as the virus crippled certain sectors of the economy resulting in retrenchment and liquidation. 

This means we have far more people job hunting while trying to keep afloat. This might be a very difficult time for those of us already in our respected industries as we try to make sense of it all. We have already seen how all our major retailers as well as food hotspots have taken to the sanitizing routine. But we have also seen how many people are still blatantly ignoring these safety measures that have been made mandatory. 

The question is how do our staff working under lockdown regulations implement the necessary safety measures. 

You need to ensure that all staff are educated about the changes. Chances are that due to many hoax messages and often misinformation people might feel they will not contract the virus. This is incorrect. As an employee, your safety is absolutely important. But it is also essential that you encourage the safety of your customers. By this we mean ensuring they understand why their temperatures are being checked, inform them as to why their kids are not allowed into the store or even why they will not be allowed to enter your premises without a face mask. 

Many retail workers have already had to face the harsh treatment of being told off and customers saying “I just sanitized.” But we must follow the new policies implemented by our own organization. 

Do not be afraid to call a manager should the situation seem like it isn’t getting out of hand. Managers play an important role now more than ever in supporting staff of companies who are trying to  implement the social distancing policies.

Ensure that as a manager you show the support to your staff member who might be dealing with a difficult customer refusing to acknowledge the new policies your store has in place. At the same time help your customer see why you there is a need for you to take on this approach. 

As customers we need to be a lot more understanding to these regulations. They have been put in place for our safety and security. If we neglect to wear a mask and do not practice social distancing, we are at risk of contracting a virus that has turned the face of a year that we once thought was full of promise. 

Before leaving home to enjoy the few more relaxed regulations of the lockdown understand your responsibility and most importantly respect the measures put in place by businesses for your safety. 

Devan Moonsamy is the CEO of ICHAF Training Institute and the Author of Racism, Classism, Sexism and the other ISM’s that Divide us. ICHAF offers SETA-approved training in business skills, computer use, and soft skills. Devan specialises in conflict and diversity management, and regularly conducts seminars on these issues for corporates. To book a seminar with Devan or for other training courses, please use the contact details below.

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