ICHAF Training Institute and Bidvest Presclean Forge a Path of Professionalism and Dignity

In a historic stride towards professionalization and dignity, hundreds of cleaners across the nation are celebrating a transformative achievement—the successful completion of an NQF1 SETA Accredited Qualification in Hygiene and Cleaning. The ICHAF Training Institute, a SETA Accredited Training Provider, in collaboration with Bidvest Presclean, has orchestrated a monumental shift that reaches far beyond the classrooms, elevating an entire industry.

A Vision Unveiled: ICHAF Training Institute’s Commitment to Excellence

At the forefront of this ground-breaking initiative is the ICHAF Training Institute, a beacon of educational prowess dedicated to reshaping industries and nurturing talents. Devan Moonsamy, the CEO of the ICHAF Training Institute, expresses the institute’s unwavering commitment to excellence: “Education is the cornerstone of empowerment. Through this qualification, we aim to not only impart knowledge but instil a sense of pride and professionalism in every graduate.”

Devan Moonsamy’s words echo the sentiment that education extends beyond the acquisition of skills—it’s a transformative journey that empowers individuals to take charge of their destinies.

Partnership for Progress: Bidvest Presclean’s Vision for the Future

Bidvest Presclean, a leading force in the corporate arena, joins hands with the ICHAF Training Institute to pioneer this endeavour. Their collaboration signifies a shared vision for the industry—a vision of professionalization and the dignification of essential roles within it. “Bidvest Presclean is proud to contribute to the elevation of the cleaning profession. Our partnership with the ICHAF Training Institute reflects our commitment to investing in the skills and capabilities of our workforce,” affirms an executive from Bidvest Presclean.

The synergy between corporate giants and educational institutions demonstrates a holistic approach to industry advancement, where corporations actively participate in shaping a skilled, professional workforce.

Transcending Expectations: Graduates Redefining the Cleaning Narrative

The completion of the NQF1 SETA Accredited Qualification marks a turning point for the graduates, transforming them into professionals equipped with a deep understanding of hygiene protocols and industry best practices. These individuals are not merely cleaners; they are architects of change, ready to dismantle stereotypes and redefine the narrative surrounding their profession.

As one graduate, Andiswa Vinjiwe, from Khayelitsha enthuses, “This qualification has given me the tools to not only excel in my role but to challenge the misconceptions about our industry. We are professionals, and it’s time for the world to see us as such.”

Devan Moonsamy’s Insight: Shaping a Professional Landscape

Devan Moonsamy, the visionary CEO of the ICHAF Training Institute, shares his insights into the significance of this achievement: “The completion of this qualification is not just a personal accomplishment for the graduates; it’s a collective triumph for the industry. We are witnessing a paradigm shift where cleaning professionals are recognized, respected, and valued for their expertise.”

His words encapsulate the broader impact of this initiative—a transformation that extends beyond individual careers to shape the professional landscape of the entire hygiene and cleaning sector.

National Implications: A Ripple Effect of Professionalism

The graduation of hundreds of cleaners nationally with SETA accreditation sends ripples throughout the country, touching not only the lives of the graduates but also inspiring a new wave of professionalism within the industry. “The impact of this qualification goes beyond individual success stories; it has the potential to revolutionize the entire industry,” affirms Devan Moonsamy.

As these graduates step into the workforce, they carry with them not just a certificate but a newfound sense of pride, professionalism, and the potential to influence positive change in workplaces nationwide.

A New Chapter Unfolding

The graduation of hundreds of cleaners with an NQF1 SETA Accredited Qualification is more than an academic achievement—it’s a testament to the power of collaboration, vision, and education in transforming industries. The ICHAF Training Institute, in association with Bidvest Presclean, has laid the foundation for a new chapter in the hygiene and cleaning sector—one marked by professionalism, dignity, and a workforce ready to meet the challenges of the future.

As these graduates embark on their professional journeys, they carry with them the collective hopes of an industry undergoing a profound transformation. The sky is not the limit; it’s a canvas awaiting the strokes of their collective success, shaping the legacy of a cleaner, more professional future.