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My approach to life coaching and counselling takes you on a journey of self-discovery that will transform the way you live your life. Covering every aspect of you as a total human being – rational, emotional, perceptive and intuitive – it’s an exploration into previously untapped resources deep in your authentic self that will enable you to surf the wave of these rapidly changing times and prepare you to cope with whatever the future may bring.

As a leading life coach in South Africa, published author and motivational speaker, I have consulted with hundreds of people including executives and professionals. My uniquely comprehensive approach to life coaching, developed from years of research in drivers of human behaviour and psychology, now has a reputation for the quality and wide scope of its professional coaching courses and personal tuition.

This programme is designed to support you through a creative process of self-understanding and potential fulfilment. I work with you as a unique individual, with the focus on your potential for personal development.

Re-connect with your deep natural wellsprings of talent and creativity. Going far beyond the simplistic approach of trying to achieve unrealistic and fantasised future goals, this coaching course will have far-reaching and long-lasting positive effects on your personal and professional life – an enhanced sense of personal efficacy, a deeper experience of meaning and belonging, and a greater capacity to contribute to society at large.

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