Devan Moonsamy

South Africa is still on level 3 of a lockdown. This has been met with increased criticism as calls grow for schools to be closed immediately. This comes as the number of people tested positive for the Corona virus increases daily.

While many unions and organisations are encouraging a complete closure until the numbers reduce providing less of a threat for our children at school, university learners have still had to keep the flame burning with regards to online studying.

Online classes using zoom and other portals for communication has proven to be exceptional in terms of university students getting syllabus complete. Infact many private schools have also opted for the online learning method in a bid to complete syllabus and to prevent a major backlog.

Whilst we applaud the use of technology, we also understand the many challenges that accompany learning from home or studying during a lockdown. The challenges can range from unreliable internet connection, to financial constrains preventing you from buying data to use the internet.

Below we look at ways in which you can ensure effective studying and learning during lockdown

  • First and foremost organise a study space. Whether it be for your child who is studying over zoom or a university learner identifying a study space no clutter makes it easier to concentrate. As much as sometimes it is comfortable to sit on your bed and study or learn online this will inevitably result in you wanting to have a snooze. To avoid this, create a study space that will be used to complete work that needs to be done. If you are sharing this space perhaps allocate time this way you have time to work by yourself.
  • You must limit distractions. We know how hard it can be for parents embarking on the new journey of home schooling as kids will always be asking for a break to paly with their toys or watch their favourite show. The only way to prevent them from being distracted would be to create a timetable. This way there is balance with work and play. It is the same for university students. Allocate time to work and time to watch your favourite show on Netflix. Just avoid binging, this is when e self-control is essential.
  • For university students we know you haven’t been able to see your best mates in a while and this can be daunting. When you find that you are in need of social interaction be sure to call up an old friend and catch up on what they have been up to. Remember social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t call and check up on our loved ones.
  • Studying during the lockdown might seem new to parents as well who may have never been exposed to this before. If this is overwhelming ensure that you speak to the educator to understand what are the ways to best handle this with your little one. With university students who are also unfamiliar with learning or studying outside a lecture room keep in touch with your lecturer to see how best you can use this time to study.

The lockdown has definitely taken away what we know as normal and replaced it with a new survival method. We have to learn to adjust to this until the ways we are familiar with are the order of the day again. Until then do not hesitate to ask for help and most importantly keep studying.

Devan Moonsamy is the CEO of ICHAF Training Institute and the Author of Racism, Classism, Sexism and the other ISM’s that Divide us. ICHAF offers SETA-approved training in business skills, computer use, and soft skills. Devan specialises in conflict and diversity management, and regularly conducts seminars on these issues for corporates. To book a seminar with Devan or for other training courses, please use the contact details below.

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